Small Business and Technology, They Shall Meet


Are you using the right tools for the job?

Money, that’s the most important issue for small business owners.  We want to save it, find more of it and beg the banks for it all the time.  Most of all we hate to spend it.  How much does your MS Office upgrade license cost?   Could you use that money for something else, like advertising, promotions or to upgrade your proposal?


Your answers to the above questions are most likely, ‘more than I wanted to spend ‘and of ‘course’.  This blog can help change your answers to, “absolutely nothing, and I used the money for advertising”. Our goal is to  give you ways to save, and maximize the return on your technology investment. 

This blog comes with another promise.  We won’t blow your mind with techie talk.  Yeah, we’re techies, but we own a small business  as well.  We know you want to manage your business, not your technology.  Our company, Nsyndx (in sin dex) believes that’s the goal of every small business owner.  We understand you utilize tehcnology to save money, and it wouldn’t hurt if that technology saved time, promoted your company and helped drive sales.

That doesn’t mean we’ll talk about marketing your website, though we can recommend some great places to get great advice (The Indie Business Blog and E-Commerce Diva to name two).  We focus on the technology itself.  Like finding software that allows you to spend less than $3 per month for phone service, or free software to help you get more from your web content.

We’re here to help, so comment and ask questions, we love people (even though we’re techies).  Oh yeah, we’ll show you how to avoid the MS Office licensing fees in our next post.


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