Rebranding Your eCommerce Site for Greater Exposure

landingpageYou have to love Taco Bell, not necessarily the food, but the marketing. Their creativity in rearranging various ingredients in different amounts, never ceases to amaze me. They never fail to come up with different combinations of ingredients, sometimes just in varying amounts, and convince us that its somehow a different Taco. All online shop owners should take note of this time tested marketing strategy.

Put Your Best eCommerce Foot Forward

When in doubt, change the packaging. At Christmas, Oreos come with green and red cream. Same cookie, same taste, different ‘packaging’. Changing the packaging for your online store provides even more advantages. You can market the same products to different market segments. To see this in action, visit the Major League Baseball Shop. Once on the home page, take a look at the individual team pages. It’s the same page, just focused on one particular team. “So What?” you say, that makes perfect sense. Then why don’t more online storefronts utilize this marketing technique?

Landing Page, Landing Page, Landing Page

We all know the key to a successful brick and mortar business— location, location, location. For an online store the paradigm should be stated as— landing page, landing page, landing page. Putting a different shop entrance for different market segments makes sense. Search engine marketing experts do this consistently. They will create a different landing page for every ad. That landing page links back to the same website. Your online store should do the same thing. Your eCommerce software home page doesn’t have to be your site home page. You could have several site home pages, with the same catalog. Let’s look at an example.

Not Just a Bicycle

If I Google the keyword bicycle, I’m prone to find many different online bicycle shops. Most of these shops sell all different types of bikes (mountain, road, tandem, etc). What’s more important is what I see after the click. If I want a mountain bike, and the home page displays only road racing bikes, the chances are good I’m moving on in my search. But if I own two different urls (total investment $20); the first, and the second, I can cater to two different markets. The landing page for each will focus on the particular bike style indicated in the url. Yet, I can utilize the same catalog, with the same inventory. So when the visitor purchases the bike, you can still sell them the accessories. You get two different stores, focused on two different market segments, for almost no cost.

Quick Details

Remember to keep your look and feel the same. If I click through to the product page, and it looks totally different, my willingness to give up my credit card number may fade. Take the repackaging theory even farther, and add separate forums and content pages for each site. This will establish your company as an expert in that particular segment of the market. Using our bicycle website example, on each individual landing page, provide links to biking trail maps. On your mountain bike page these would be links to trails, on the other, road routes, or roads with separate biking lanes.


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